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  • Prices for all products are presented here. Also you can calculate the price of the order with Pricing Calculator. Existing customers could gain a discount for our products by getting the Solution Partner status.
  • VeriFinger 4.0 and 4.1 SDK/DLL customers can receive a free upgrade to VeriFinger 4.2 SDK/DLL. Please, contact us for more information.
  • There are two ways for payment:
    1. Order online and pay by bank transfer. You will receive invoice by email or fax in 2 business days after ordering.
    2. Order online and pay by credit card (Orders for up to 30 licenses). You will receive an email message with order process status the same business day you've made your order, or the next business day (depending on your time zone). Your order will be forwarded to Worldpay or, Inc. depending on your location.

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    • MegaMatcher SDK
    • additional licenses for MegaMatcher Servers
    • additional licenses for MegaMatcher Nodes and Clients



VeriFinger for MS Windows

    • VeriFinger 4.2 Light SDK
    • VeriFinger 4.2 Standard SDK
    • VeriFinger 4.2 Extended SDK
    • additional VeriFinger 4.2 DLLs for MS Windows

VeriFinger for Linux

    • VeriFinger 4.2 Linux SDK
    • additional VeriFinger 4.2 shared libraries for Linux

VeriFinger Library SDK

    • VeriFinger 4.2 Library SDK

FingerCell for Pocket PC

    • FingerCell 1.2 Pocket PC EDK
    • additional FingerCell 1.2 DLLs for Pocket PC

FingerCell for ASUS WL-500g Router

    • FingerCell 1.2 Router EDK
    • additional FingerCell 1.2 libraries for Router

FingerCell for PC with Windows

    • FingerCell 1.2 PC EDK for Windows
    • additional FingerCell 1.2 DLLs for Windows

FingerCell for PC with Linux

    • FingerCell 1.2 PC EDK for Linux
    • additional FingerCell 1.2 shared Libraries for Linux

VeriLook for MS Windows

    • VeriLook 2.0 SDK for MS Windows
    • additional VeriLook 2.0 DLLs for MS Windows

VeriLook for Linux

    • VeriLook 2.0 SDK for Linux
    • additional VeriLook 2.0 shared libraries for Linux